"Invent your world. Surround yourself
with people, colour, sounds, and
work that nourish you"
Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (Sark)

Business;  An adventure.  A journey. 
A path to walk.  A mountain to climb.
An ever evolving creation. 
Your creation.

A personal invitation to every woman leading a business…

I’ve got the most incredible thing to tell you about.  It’s about a dream I’ve been having over and over again.  It comes and goes when I sleep and when I am awake.  It’s always the same. 

It doesn’t change, although the faces come in and out of focus as time goes by.  That’s the evolution of it, despite it’s strength and courage and tenacity to stay strong in my mind, my visions, my creativity.

I see a circle of women. 


Sitting, sharing, learning, laughing; together they are growing and discovering, connecting and remembering how very magnificent they all are. 

Each and every one of them. 

Bright souls who are alive with ideas and Creative Possibility. 

They are generous, loving beings who give so much to others and rarely make time for themselves.  They mean to and dream to but it just doesn't happen often enough.  Not real time where they can disconnect and recharge with the sort of energy that keeps you going for a long time. 

Lasting, renewable, inspired energy.  You know the sort don’t you?

Maybe you don’t. 

I know I do.  I’m so grateful I do.  Let me tell you about it; this limitless energy

It’s the sort of energy I feel when I take time out each year to disconnect from my life and business to actually reconnect to me. 

To reconnect to my dreams, my creativity, my inspiration, my vision for the future and my ideas for right now. 

That sort of energy. 

It’s the sort of energy that helps me to take action, to think clearly, to be productive, to feel more blend and balance.  It's the sort of energy that's now a non negotiable for me as a woman leading a busy business.  A woman with big dreams and fanciful ideas.  A woman who equally wants a simple life and time with her family, friends and herself.  A woman like you.  Yes, that may sound like a cliche but it's totally true.

Giving yourself and your business the gift of time away to experience limitlessness is one of the best things you'll ever do.  It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of leading a business and the juggle of trying to blend and balance a life filled with family, commitments and little moments of time for yourself.

So I've got a solution for you. Join me and let this dream become a reality for you. This is your invitation to join me for a week long experience;

What Are We Doing?

My first response, is WOW! Where do I start?

Because you've been on my mind for sometime now I've invested a lot of time to get clear on the right blend of activities and experiences to make the most of the three core focuses of our time together - the right blend of things to explore our themes of amplify, integrate, magnetise; the pillars of Limitlessness. (there's more on those below)

Here's a little snapshot of some of what I've got planned, much of it based on the experiences successfully shared as part of the November 2018 retreat, which, by the way, sold out all 8 places in a 13 hour period!

Every incredible experiences and workshops chosen to bring you the limitlessness I dream of for you.  I also want to add a degree of personlisation, so the final schedule will be defined with the registered participants in mind. If you are a return attendee, know that some of the activities may be the same, but understand, from my own personal experience, that repeating activities on subsequent retreats does not diminish the experience in any way.

In fact I have found it enriches it and I have looked forward to doing the same things year after year at the retreats I have attended. Some of this has made my retreat experiences as an attendee feel like I am coming home each time I return. I look forward to you feeling that too.

You'll all be women leading businesses, seeking time out for a variety of reasons.  I want to understand those reasons and see what I can do to magnify the time you spend away at the Limitless Business Retreat.

Day 1: Saturday

On arrival in Bali, you'll be met by our driver Made Dirga, or a member of his team and from there you'll be transported to the stunning Ubud, in Bali's mountains.  It's roughly a 2 hour car ride from the airport, depending on traffic and the time of day you arrive. 

If possible, I encourage you to arrive on a flight landing in Bali early afternoon local time, at the latest, so you have plenty of time to make your way to our delightful accommodation, Ananda Cottages, a new venue complete with AC and pool for 2019.

You may wish to arrive in Bali before our retreat officially starts.  Depending on where you plan to stay and when you arrive, I can still support you with transport from your location to Ubud.  We can confirm this closer to the time, or when you've made your travel arrangements.

We start with an official welcome ceremony on the afternoon of Day 1. Then over a meal provided at Ananda Cottages we'll get to know each other and explore what you want to get out of the retreat.  You'll likely be a mix of excited and tired after traveling, so it'll be an early night so you can rest up and get to know your private room and surroundings in a relaxed manner.  I can't wait to show you around!

Day 2 - 6:  Sunday - Friday

We start each day with a daily intention circle; an opportunity to reflect on the previous days and to be purposeful with your vision for what you wish to get out of the coming day.

Our circle is followed by breakfast and then we'll start our first workshop of the day.  Each day we'll have a business focused workshops designed to give you a chance to explore the three pillars of limitlessness; amplify, integrate, magnetise.

Scheduled in and around our business workshops will be excursions chosen to support your experience.  We'll be traveling to areas within and surrounding Ubud and let me tell you, when I say you're in for a real treat, I'm not exaggerating. 

I've personally experienced each of the excursions and have chosen to include them because of the feelings I walked away with, the personal understanding I gain and the fun I have.  I have no doubt you'll love them as much as I have and I can't wait to share them with you.  Some I've returned to year after year as they have literally taken my already transformational retreat and travel experiences to a whole new level.

Day 6 Evening: Friday

As a way to reflect on your accomplishments from the past week I've organised a very special evening for us all.  I don't want to reveal too much as yet, but let's just say there's food involved, lots of fun, a dash of learning and surprises!

Day 7: Saturday

Our final morning together and the last of our business workshops.  It'll be a morning where memories are made, friendships are truly cemented and you get to instill that extra layer of integration so you can take home the best of your week and continue to leverage all the goodness for days, weeks, months and years to come.  

Traveling Home

We officially finish late morning on the Saturday morning, so if you need to travel home today please ensure you book a late afternoon or evening flight as it'll take a couple of hours at least to get back to the airport from Ubud and I definitely suggest you allow 3 hours before your flight departure time to be at the airport.  Never underestimate the slow processing at an Asian airport!  Always better to allow plenty of time and I'll remind you of all of this well before you get to booking flights.

"Juicy info, life lessons and fun activities"
Where do I even being with this most wonderful retreat that I have just experienced, led by Shannon. Every day was such a learning experience for me. Shannon’s workshops were filled with so much juicy info, life lessons and fun activities. Then going out and experiencing Bali, in all it’s beauty and enhancing what we learnt in the workshops was just magnificent.

With Shannon’s archetypes interwoven into the workshops there was a lot of self discovery, learning our strengths and weaknesses and how to use these qualities within our businesses for the better. I loved everything about this retreat and took so much away from it and most importantly learned to become more aware of what we as ourselves have to offer the world”
Jo Wilson, Jo Wilson Design, Attendee 2018, 2019

Shannon sets people up to be successful

“I’ve watched Shannon achieve miracles with clients for several years now. Having just attended her Limitless Business Retreat 2018 I couldn’t wait to book for 2019. She is an incredible facilitator with passion for success in each of her clients, be it personal or professional achievements – she sets people up to succeed. Can’t thank you enough Shannon for sharing your special knowledge to get the right outcomes – Thank you" Nov 2018

"Second year of retreat and still SO MUCH VALUE gained to design my ideal business! I ticked off most of the goals I set last year and it truly was effortless" Nov 2019

Donna Gordin, Home 2 Home Realty, Attendee 2018, 2019

I discovered ME!

“I highly recommend attending the Limitless Business Retreat with Shannon Bush. If you come with an open mind you will truly discover what is possible; the result of your limitlessness. I came to work on my business and I discovered ME!"

Holly-Ann Martin, Safe 4 Kids; Protective Behaviours Expert Educator, Advocate for children globally! Attendee 2019

Take time to reflect, assess and articulate what makes you, you!

“I highly recommend the Limitless Business Retreat to take time to reflect, assess and articulate what makes you, you. Getting really comfortable in who I am and finding my voice and my desire to shine a light on my clients numbers, so they can thrive as business owners has been transformational. I have big goals for 2020 and a clear vision for how to accomplish them"

Chelsea Sanginiti, the Illuminator and chief numbers wrangler at First Class Accounts, Fremantle, Attendee 2019

The Three Pillars Of Limitlessness;
Amplify, Integrate, Magnetise

When I considered the focus for a business retreat I had to tap into my commitment to work closely with business owners, and particularly women in business, to offer you an opportunity to experience more ease in your business and ultimately to understand what it means to thrive; to embody totally thriving so much that it's not an "if" it happens, but rather a non negotiable experience you don't have to think about.

Searching for just the right words, I saw the word "LIMITLESS" written in an old journal and knew that was just right.  The Limitless Business Retreat it was; the Limitless Business Retreat is has become.

The retreat felt like it needed more detailed focus points and so the next step was to identify the core pillars of Limitlessness.  Here they are...
Amplify is about shining the light on the best of you and your business. 
Let's bring your fabulous-ness out into the open in a way that feels effortless and magnificently rewarding so you'll want to keep doing this over and over.  No more hiding brilliant one!
Not on my watch. 
Let me help you make this as easy as possible and to feel genuine confidence and ease being you.
The key to everything you'll learn and experience is the Integrate step.
To integrate is to embrace and leverage all you've got to offer. 
Integrate is to embrace, to be able to choose and to be able to step back into your life and business with the right blend of energy, motivation and the skills and mindset to create whatever you wish to create.
Oh to be magnetic!  to be able to attract the right clients, opportunities and experiences your way... to more effortlessly lean into who you are and share that with the world... to really understand what it means to have limitlessness and effortlessness (they're awesome buddies!) on your side, making business (and life) easier.  Yep, all this and more with Magnetise.

Where Are We Staying?

As I have mentioned, we'll be staying at the fabulous Ananda Cottages on the edge of Ubud. The property has come highly recommended from a colleague of mine who takes groups 2 - 3 times the size of the Limitless Business Retreat groups there multiple times a year and loves the space. I have visited the property to see it for myself and have been impressed with the communication and their willingness to accommodate us.

It's an older style, larger property but many of the rooms have been renovated recently. The gardens are divine, there is AC in every room and a swimming pool to cool off in during your free time.

You'll be in your own private room which is also super important.  No sharing or wondering how you'll get that down time so many people crave.

The rooms are simple in layout, spacious inside, have a balcony space to sit outside, have tea and coffee making facilities and a small bar fridge - so everything you need for a comfortable stay. 

We will host most of our business workshops in the large studio space, offering us our own place to create and get down to business. It's centrally located on the property and will be easy to get to no matter where you room is located.

Other guests will be at the property, but I have found most people keep to themselves and as a group we will effortlessly blend in and become part of the fabric of the space.  Divine!

What's Included?
7 nights accommodation at the Ananda Cottages in a private, spacious room, with private bathroom and balcony, tea and coffee making facilities, a bar fridge to keep your drinks cool and snacks fresh.  It's a space all for you giving you a chance to experience your own beautiful sanctuary to relax and enjoy!
7 breakfasts, with a selection from the freshly made menu, including local Indonesian dishes and a few western favourites.  The banana pancakes are my fav's!  Any food allergies or intolerances can be catered for
At least 3 evening meals, some at our accommodation and some off site as some our excursions include an evening meal. So there will be times we eat off site as a group, some of these will be included, some may be at your own expense.  These days most tourist areas of Bali offer a diverse range of options to cater to the many visitors.  Anywhere we eat will have both local Indonesian and western options
At least 6 business focused workshops designed to give you an opportunity to explore the three pillars of effortlessness and to return home with renewed energy, focus, momentum and a deeper connection to a group of other women in business with their own inspiring visions
Transport to and from the International airport and Ubud, plus transportation to and from all excursions the group will experience together as part of the program.  If you're arriving early or staying after, depending on your location, transport may still be able to be provided to and from Ubud
At least 4 off site excursions to local places you'll absolutely adore - let's just say there's a divine mix of self care and nurturing, honouring who you are and what you're creating and chances to reconnect to your own innate potential, plus spa time and an unforgettable treatment as my gift to you!
A special dinner to celebrate the end of our time together!  This is super magic and extra delicious and will be a beautiful way to acknowledge our retreat and to take the final steps to integrate ready to travel home. The cost of food and any drinks consumed will be at your own expense
Workbooks, worksheets and any materials you may need for the business workshops.  If there's anything particular you like to work with you can bring that along.  A detailed overview of what to bring or consider bringing, will be provided at least a month before we commence
Other surprises included to make this a truly delectable journey you'll be grateful for, for years to come!  YAY! treats...
An opportunity to create meaningful, inspiring plans for the upcoming business year by learning how to use a simple and highly effective framework for focusing
Thrive Factor Profiling - if you haven't yet had your profile completed you will be able to the month before we go away.  If you have, then you can book a review session if you wish to, to reaquaint yourself with your archetypes.  We'll be referring to them throughout the retreat
Did I say pressies?  or have I only mentioned surprises?  well there will be all sorts of things to make your stay the best I can possibly make it....
What's Not Included?
Your flights to and from Bali
Any accommodation for time you spend in Bali before or after the retreat.  If you'd like to add days before or after I can certainly offer recommendations
Costs associated with visa's, travel insurance, vaccinations and any other health related items you may need to make your experience as comfortable as possible.  The terms and conditions can be accessed via the registration page and include further details
Spending money!  There's plenty of great opportunities to shop for all sorts of treasures from silver jewellery through to comfy, casual clothes.  Be sure to bring some spending money with you if you like to shop!
Lunch most days!  There are a number of amazing little restaurants and Warungs close to where we are staying so lots to explore.  There's also a large supermarket not too far away to stock up on snacks and any other general things you may need to make your stay super comfortable.  I'll provide a map and I am also happy to escort you to the supermarket if you'd like :)
Some dinners! Some of our meals in the evening will be consumed at local restaurants. These will be mostly at your own expense and your Retreat itinerary will advise when this is the case. Your final itinerary will be provided at the Retreat
The only thing left to do is register!

There's just 10 8 places available and they'll be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Your Early Bird Investment for this week long experience for next dates to be released in 2020  will be $2200 AUD (+ GST if you're an Australian business).

Pay in full and save $250 or take advantage of the 8 part payment plan via credit card.

All information is revealed on the registration page which you can access using the buttons below.

Please note the release dates listed when buttons become active for bookings.

Be sure to carefully select the date you wish to attend.


*** Not open for pre-sale until mid 2020 ***

Meet Your Retreat Leader
Hello!  I'm Shannon Bush, Business Liberator, chai lover, expansionist, #permissionactivator, #freedomweaver & #bizyoda @ Creative Possibility

Hey there fabulous one!
Can't wait to see you in Bali soon. I've been retreating there for years and always returned with the old layers gone and fresh new perspectives unleashed. If you'd like to read more about me you can on my website.

in 2018 the inaugural Limitless Business Retreat was an incredible success and truly loved by every attendee.

In 2019 there was a repeat performance and another 9 women participated with all their might to create a week of true, profound transformation.  50% of the 2018 attendees returned in 2019!

Claiming your limitlessness is not something to be taken lightly but it will make you feel lighter! Are you next?